Sales Growth for Optimum

Sales Growth for Optimum

Last 12 months sales results

Optimum today released sales figures for the last 12 months, reporting a 63% growth in sales. Our increased sales can be pinpointed by some major factors over this period.

Repeat business- Optimum have reported a 32% increase in repeat business in the period. Repeat business is a good sign our customers trust us to get it right, on time and on budget, 3 areas where we succeed everytime.

Customer Confidence- The industrial sectors that we target have also seen an upturn in fortune. Even though recessionary caution is still evident, companies are releasing more profit into their suppliers. This has a positive effect for Optimum.

Customer Caution- Other customers are still extremely cautious when it comes to large outlays of capital. This also works in our favour as the cost of cleaning machinery is low compared to replacing it. Companies are becoming more aware that with proper maintenance their assets, stay assets, for much longer.

Market Awareness- We still consider dry ice blasting as a relatively niche, leading edge service that is only just beginning to gain momentum in the industrial cleaning, food processing, automative and construction cleaning sectors. There are many companies out there who have still never heard of it, let alone realise its potential. In the last year we have seen an upturn in awareness which is highlighted in a 24% increase in new customers. This is up from 15% in the previous year.

Supply Chain- As Optimum becomes more established, our buying power position is a lot stronger with our suppliers. Reductions in materials means we are more competitive/aggressive in our price point whilst still maximising profit for the company.

All in all a very good year and with growth already at 13% from last year, 2013-2014 is looking stronger still.


By Ian Reynolds