Industrial Cleaning Solutions Using Dry Ice Blasting

Industrial Cleaning Solutions Using Dry Ice Blasting

More companies are turning to Dry Ice Blasting as part of their industrial cleaning schedule.

We are finding a massive upturn for industrial cleaning services using dry ice blasting. Having now worked on some large projects for three major engineering companies, i have asked the question as part of Optimums ‘after blast’ meeting,

 “why choose dry ice blasting over traditional methods as part of the industrial cleaning schedule”.

The answers have been pretty conclusive. Time.

We were told, after recently cleaning an AutoClave machine, that the tradtional process (hammer and chisel, literally!) would take one employee a full week to remove the wax (and not every inch could be removed either). We achieved 100% removal in just 5 hours!

Now, im not willing to give away our price structure, but what we charged, compared to having the (only) machine de commisioned for a week and having to dedicate an employee to cleaning, was seen as no comparison.

As an industrial cleaning option, dry ice blasting will always reduce machinery cleaning downtime which, in turn, will speed up productivity.

By Ian Reynolds