How Dry Ice Blasting Can Save Your Company Money

How Dry Ice Blasting Can Save Your Company Money

How Much Does Machinery Downtime Cost You in Lost Production?

As many dry ice blasting companies will agree, our mantra is that we save companies time when cleaning critical production machinery.

This isn’t just sales speak. This is a fact. **Below are some recent projects where Optimum dry Ice Blasting have saved companies money:

  • Large soap manufacturer saved £10,000.00 in lost production when we blast cleaned a production track in 6 hours. Usual downtime for conventional cleaning is 32 hours and the track generates (roughly) £375 p/h
  • Car manufacturer saves £18,000.00 per month by implementing dry ice blasting into cyclic belt cleaning process. Conventional method involves taking the track/belt apart and sending away to be acid dipped. Total time is 3 days p/m. Optimum now dry ice blast clean the belt (and suction cups associated) while in-situ and still operational in 8 hours.
  • Food Processing Company saves £12,000.00 per month in lost production since dry ice blasting process implemented into cleaning fatted line mixers. Conventional cleaning required full dismantling and reassembly over 3 days. Optimum dry ice blasting takes 4 hours as we clean the mixers in-situ.

These are just 3 new and recent examples of how dry ice blasting can save your company money. We pride ourselves on our professional outlook, and with 21 years of industrial cleaning and surface preparation experience to fall back on, Optimum are leading the way in industrial blast cleaning solutions.