Equipment Cleaning and Insurance Companies

Equipment Cleaning and Insurance Companies

How insurance companies are insisting on dry ice blasting before insuring machinery.

Optimum carry out hundreds of cleans on all sorts of machinery. It’s what dry ice blasting technology was designed for and this shows with it being our largest ‘repeat business’ sector.

Business owners know that if your equipment is cleaned on a regular basis, it has less chance of a breakdown. It is common sense and protects the life of expensive investments.

What we have discovered, more and more in recent months, is that it is not always the business owners who insist on our services. Insurance companies are, more frequently, requesting dry ice blasting to be carried out as part of the maintenance schedule before they will (re)insure machinery.

Equipment cleaning can be a very delicate process (or a very abrasive process in some circumstances) and lots of traditional methods of cleaning can be somewhat brutal to the components.

One insurance assessor recently told Optimum how he witnessed, a machine we were commissioned to clean, being hacked at with a chainsaw, in order to remove a thick polyurethane coating! This has been the traditional method of choice for the contaminant removal, and has been carried out three times a year for the last two years. It was only by a miracle (and 3mm!) that the £200K machine hadn’t been wrecked beyond repair!

This particular insurance company are very aware of the advantages of dry ice blasting and suffice to say, insisted on the technology being utilised for cleaning this particular piece of equipment.

More and more industries, sectors and even domestic customers are becoming aware of the advantages of dry ice blasting. Non-abrasive, dry and clean are some very important factors in a cleaning/removal schedule. Now we just need some more machinery to cope with the demand!

By Ian Reynolds