Dry Ice Blasting Machinery Maintenance

Dry Ice Blasting Machinery Maintenance

Dry Ice Blasting Industrial Machinery Cleaning

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

With another fantastic year behind us, Optimum Dry Ice Blasting has seen yet more year on year growth. Whilst the UK seems to be on hold in very uncertain times, the importance on machinery maintenance has meant a strong demand for our service continues.

Preventative maintenance is a key strategy to keep machinery performance at an optimum output. Just a few hours a month in downtime can prevent a critical failure and potentially a machine which can be out of action for days, if not weeks!

After a recent scheduled dry ice blast of a pressurised tank, we revealed a 20mm long, hairline crack, concealed under 30cm of wax build up. If this crack had gone unchecked the tank would have exploded, causing catastrophic damage. You only have to watch this video footage of a wax boiler exploding, to see the damage and potential loss of life than can occur when regular maintenance isn’t performed.

Dry ice blasting is the perfect solution for a scheduled maintenance programme. We don’t have to disassemble or reassemble machinery, everything can be dry ice blast cleaned whilst machinery remains in situ.

Such is the demand for our service we are now expanding our operations. Not only are we investing in new machinery to cope with demand, we are also in the later stages of forming a strategic alliance with a newly formed dry ice blasting company. We can’t say too much other than the alliance will place us strategically on the East coast of Scotland.

Definitely exciting times ahead. 2019 is already looking rather busy!

By Ian Reynolds