Dry Ice Blasting is on an Upward Curve

Dry Ice Blasting is on an Upward Curve

Supermarket giants are now insisting on dry ice blasting as part of their audit on food production machinery cleaning.

We have recently had some very positive feedback regarding the recognition that dry ice blasting is the safest, fastest method to clean machinery in the food industry.

During a recent blast for a food production company, an audit team from Tesco were present and observing procedures on the food line we were blast cleaning. After we had finished the task I got talking to a member of the auditors who informed me that Tesco are now insisting on dry ice blasting during clean down procedure and it is very much part of their audit. This has only come into effect this year and here at Optimum we have already seen a growth in leads from this sector.


The main reason for Tesco demanding this direct and assertive switch from traditional chemical cleaning, is due to dry ice blasting’s sanitising effect on stainless steel. Dry ice blasting leaves behind no residue or chemical and is recognised worldwide as being food safe. The extreme temperature will kill bacteria and the nature of blasting means that difficult areas can be reached as well.

With the dry ice blasting industry on an upward curve, food producers nationwide may be needing the expertise of us contractors, sooner rather than later.

By Ian Reynolds