Dry Ice Blasting – Storage Tank Blast Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting – Storage Tank Blast Cleaning

Optimum Dry Ice Blasting are having great success in blast cleaning internal storage tanks.

Storage tank blasting is something we have recently manoeuvered Optimum into, with excellent success rates.

The process involves dropping down into these vast tanks in order to remove residue, debris, oil, flour etc from the internal substrates.

Dry ice blasting has many advantages over other media blasting such as grit, sand, soda and bead, purely down to the visibility aspect. I once attempted to blast the inside of a cider production vat with soda and after 3 minutes I had to give up as I couldn’t, quite literally, see my hand in front of my face!

Using other blast media also adds to the waste stream inside the  tank which has to be removed also, taking more time in secondary clean up operations.



Dry ice vaporises on contact with the contaminant, meaning we have good visibility at all times and we dont create more waste. The only danger with dry ice is the gas build up inside the vessel. Our crews carry personal gas detectors and have air fed helmets when working in such environments and we are fully trained in confined space working. Working in teams is also essential for this kind of work.

All in all another sector where Optimum Dry Ice Blasting are excelling, not only with the results of our work but with our health and safety awareness.

By Ian Reynolds