Wood and Paper Industry Cleaning Solutions

Dirt, soot, grease, and oil build up in production facilities cause machinery to function improperly and can create an unsafe working environment. However, manual cleaning is often delayed as long as possible to avoid lengthy production downtime.

Dry Ice Blasting process allows safe and effective online cleaning in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.Dry Ice Blasting equipment provides a quick, safe, non-toxic and economical cleaning solution for facilities, industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools, and assembly line equipment.

Dry Ice Blasting cleans inplace without disassembly or cooling down and is non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-corrosive, and does not use water. It is a completely dry and clean process.

Dry Ice Blasting also minimizes the disposal of hazardous wastes. With Dry Ice Blasting, the cleaning media (dry ice) sublimates – meaning it disappears without adding
secondary waste. The only waste is the material you were removing.

woodandpaper.pngResults are:

  • Better cleaning.
  • No chemicals.
  • No water.
  • No blasting media.
  • No waste disposal.
  • Reduced cleaning time and associated labour costs.
  • Non-abrasive, gentle to the surface underneath.
  • Reduced overall cleaning time.
Wood and Paper Applications
  • Generators
  • Insulators and Switches
  • Cable ways & trays
  • Small electric components
  • Electric switch boards
  • Corrosion