Dry Ice Blasting to clean Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines / Energy Sector

The wind energy sector faces a massive problem when cleaning and maintaining the internal machinery of a wind turbine.

The main components that need cleaning are:

  • Gears          Wind Energy Page.jpg
  • Rota brakes
  • High speed shafts
  • Power generator
  • Cooling fans

All these parts, and more, need regular cleaning as the lubricants administered over a period, collect dust and external airborne particles. These mixed with lubricants affect the performance of the workings. Conventional cleaning involves dismantling each part and cleaning by hand. Until now.

Dry ice blasting can clean the mechanics, without any dismantling. Everything remains in situation.  This is because Dry ice blasting is:

  • safe to use over electrical components – the inert, dry properties of dry ice mean we can safely pass over electric hardware without fear of damage or corrosion
  • Moisture Free
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-abrasive- the nature of the process means we won’t damage the internal workings of the machinery.
  • Free from secondary waste exposure – the blast media we use is a frozen gas, meaning there is zero waste from our process. We create no dust or mess
  • Contains no chemicals or solvents