Spray Foam Removal – Optimum Dry Ice Blasting

Optimum specialise in Spray Foam Removal services and offer a full turnkey solution to domestic and commercial clients. Spray foam is now known to lock in moisture on roof beams, rafters and trusses, due to its compact, closed cell properties, restricting air flow around the roof space. This in turn can rot the wood underneath and compromise the safety of the structure.

It is because of this most surveyors will now fail mortgage applications where spray foam is in place. Dry ice blasting is a quick and cost-effective method to safely remove spray foam from a roof space by removing sections in large blocks rather than the slow process of scraping smaller areas.

Benefits of using Optimum Dry Ice Blasting for Spray Foam Removal

One of the benefits of dry ice blasting is that it is a non-toxic and eco-friendly method for removing spray foam insulation. Unlike other methods that use harsh chemicals or solvents, dry ice blasting does not release any harmful chemicals into the environment.

Another benefit of dry ice blasting is that it is a quick and efficient method for removing spray foam insulation. It can remove the insulation from hard-to-reach places, such as corners and crevices, without damaging the underlying surface. It also does not leave any residue behind, making it easy to clean up after the process is complete.

Optimum dry ice blasting have undertaken some of the largest spray foam removal projects in the UK to date, with thousands of square meters of Spray Foam successfully removed.