Printing Industry

Optimum are well established in providing solutions to in-situ print press cleaning. Our knowledge, experience and technical know how make us one of the UK’s leading print press cleaning companies.

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Dry Ice Blasting works for all presses: Flexography, gravure, offset, UV and web-fed. Even the finest of plates in the gravure process may be cleaned by using dry ice cleaning.

Residue ink, grease, lint from paper, and other built-up coatings can affect registration of the printed material. These can be easily removed with dry ice blast cleaning. The dry ice cleaning may be accomplished in place, minimal changes to the equipment are needed.

No additional chemical or secondary waste is produced using dry ice cleaning. Dry Ice cleaning makes the toughest locations cleanable. Dry Ice Blasting saves time and money, from days to hours per press.

Our containment screening, SealSmart (see picture, right), is the best system in the UK for building bespoke enclosures. This protects the rest of your facility and machinery from cross contamination during the messy blast process. These containment systems are also vital for PPC (Pollution Prevention Control). This is the paint vapour released into the air during the cleaning process and especially prevalent when removing ‘wet’ UV paints. This, by HSE law, needs to be safely contained and controlled. The containment can be fitted with in/out air vents, separate decontamination chambers and PPE hazard control areas.

print.pngResults are:

  • Reduce production downtime.
  • In-situ cleaning.
  • Clean better.
  • Eliminate waste disposal cost.
  • Increase production time.
  • Non-abrasive, no damage to tooling.
  • Environmentally responsible.
  • Dry cleaning process.

Our specialist blast booths are also available if you require your machinery to be cleaned off-site. We have the facility to strip, blast clean and reassemble printing presses at our Midlands depot. We can also offer re coating and painting options. Please call us for more information on this service.