Dry Ice Blasting Plastic and Rubber Moulds

Plastic moulds, rubber moulds and urethane foam moulds are best cleaned with dry ice blasting. Using dry ice blasting to clean your moulds means that they can be cleaned:

  • In Place – no dismantling or re assembly to and from the carrier
  • Without Chemicals – and the labour costs associated
  • Quickly – up to 80% saving on downtime
  • Whilst Hot – no need for cool down, dry ice blasting works better on a hot mould
  • Efficiently – 100% contaminant removal

Release Agents.jpg

Optimum have extensive experience over different industry sectors when it comes to removing release agents from mould presses. Take a look at our news feed here for an in-depth analysis of the process.

Some of the industry processes we have completed include:

  • Plastic Extruder Screws
  • Plastic Extruder Screw Heads
  • Plastic Dies and Casts
  • Plastic Moulds
  • Plastic Mixers
  • Plastic Ovens

We can offer no obligation, demonstrations anywhere in the UK. Contact us to find out more.