Optimum provide industrial mould removal services.

Mould Removal

Optimum Dry Ice Blasting are experts in mould removal, with a service record spanning two decades.

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We offer a full diagnostic plan when assessing, removing and controlling the spores that cause mould.

Over the years we have found that Dry Ice Blasting is the most clinical method available to remove 100% of mould spores.

This is due to the extremely low temperature of dry ice (-78C), freezing and eliminating the spore on contact. Blasting pressure also allows dry ice pellets to penetrate deeper into a surface substrate, further killing the bacteria that can hide unseen.

Mould is classed as category risk 1 to health and should be treated as the same risk as asbestos.

Removing mould completely is a skilled operation that can involve days of work and many different  processes to complete the task. These include:

  • Identifying the cause of damp creating mould
  • Taking air spore samples before works
  • Stripping out of panels, dry lining etc in order to get to the root of the mould
  • Erecting containment areas to stop cross contamination
  • Dry ice blasting surfaces and substrates to eliminate spores
  • Fogging with anti-microbial to ensure cross contamination has not occurred
  • Deploy air management/scrubbers and drying equipment (air movers)
  • Take more spore samples, 24 hours after ‘hard’ works have completed
  • Advise/fit appropriate ventilation systems