Dry ice blasting is the fastest and most cost efficient method when removing e-coat from process machinery.

Optimum Dry Ice Blasting have extensive experience in this field, having worked with most of the UK’s car manufacturers.

Dry ice blasting has many advantages over traditional cleaning methods for removing e-coat

  • Speed – process tools and machinery can be cleaned in-situ
  • No Chemicals – chemical stripping can leave traces on process equipment. Dry ice blasting is a dry and chemical free process.
  • Non Abrasive – dry ice blasting is a non abrasive process, meaning we can’t peen or damage process equipment.
  • Safety – reduce the risk of critical failure with a higher frequency of cleaning

Over the years Optimum have developed robust systems to monitor, audit and trace the frequency needed to avoid critical failure within a paint shop workflow process. Our system is now running at two car plants in the UK and has reduced risk to zero.

We have also developed a cross contamination capture method to avoid e-coat re lining delicate process machinery.