Dry Ice Cleaning for Aerospace, Aviation Industry

Dry Ice Blasting in a cleaning process used extensively in the Aerospace industry to remove grease, oil, dirt and adhesives. It is also used to remove rubber tyre marks from runways. The non-abrasive process of dry ice blasting makes it ideal in the Aerospace and Aviation industries.

Dry Ice blasting is used on aircraft and at airports the world over, and is recognised by the aviation authority.

Dry ice blasting is the ideal solution to remove grease and oil build up in wheel wells, carbon deposits, engine decontamination and adhesive removal.

Additionally, dry ice blasting can remove rubber build up on airport runways and is especially good at removal from the runway lights as we wont cause any damage.


Dry Ice Cleaning Scheduled Maintenance Service

Optimum offer a comprehensive range of surface cleaning and preparation services, either as a turnkey solution or as part of a support network within a maintenance schedule.

Used For:

  • Rubber Removal of skid marks on runways
  • Grease and oil removal to landing gear systems
  • Blast cleaning turbine blades
  • Grit removal from brake components
  • Aerospace Approved on some critical flight parts

Safe On:

  • Electrical Switches
  • Fibreglass Hatches
  • Landing Lights
  • Aircraft Hulls
  • Turbine Blades
  • Electrical Wiring