Dry Ice Blasting Seeing Rapid Growth

Dry Ice Blasting Seeing Rapid Growth

Dry ice Blasting is seeing a surge in demand across the UK

Exciting Times Ahead for Optimum Dry Ice Blasting

With the rapid growth of dry ice blasting in the UK, we are seeing a huge surge in demand for on-site blast cleaning services. The good news is that as the awareness in dry ice blasting increases, so do our leads. Our half term report is showing some interesting results and we now have one eye on adding another crew to the current operations.

Unfortunately growth means that we have now outgrown our current Headquarters and the search is on to relocate. With relocation will come the ability to produce our own dry ice (something that we can’t do at our current premises due to limited external land). Dry ice production will open doors to provide a more reactive ‘next day’ blasting service along with the ability to sell dry ice pellets. Details to follow.


Blast Booth

Our ‘state of the art’ blast booth has enabled Optimum to offer other media blasting than just dry ice. Although we feel dry ice blasting is the core of the company, sometimes we need the aggression of sand blasting, bead blasting and grit blasting to be able to offer a surface preparation rating, which dry ice blasting can’t achieve. The booth is large enough to accommodate a medium sized van and it offers full air filtration and ATEX rated electrics.

Our future aim is to offer an in-house blasting/surface preparation service. As I’ve mentioned before, dry ice blasting is the only choice when blasting in-situ machinery as grit and bead etc are just too messy. But for in-house blasting we can now offer the full media package.


Insurance Companies

I would like to thank the back office team for the hard work in winning the contract to supply nationwide dry ice blasting services for Fire Remediation with Capital Loss Adjusting. This is a major breakthrough for the dry ice industry as the process is finally recognised as best and quickest practice, for cleaning up after a fire.


All in all it’s been a busy period for Optimum. I would like to think that we will be in a new premises and producing dry ice before Christmas. Fingers crossed.


By Ian Reynolds