Dry Ice Blasting – Rope Access

Dry Ice Blasting – Rope Access

Optimum Dry Ice Blasting are the first UK dry ice blasting company to offer rope access solution

The last 6 months have introduced some increasing challenges for Optimum, some we have dealt with and some which were beyond the scope of which we are able to operate.

As we like to have a ‘can do’ approach to every task, we have identified 2 key areas where many of our customers would like a particular service to run in tandem with our dry ice blasting and industrial cleaning operations. These are:

  • Coating services


  • Rope AccessJM Rope Access.jpg

As we pride ourselves on being a reactive company, we can now offer these services and would like to welcome James Mulholland on board as our rope access expert.
James has worked for some of the major energy and utility companies where his roles have included power line work, confined space entry and rescue and wind turbine maintenance. His 20 years of experience in these fields is second to none and, as I write, he is currently in Perth, Western Australia, on a consultancy/training with Western Power. He has featured on the cover of national Geographic magazine where he was interviewed about his extraordinary career.


On his return he will be entering into a full time position with Optimum and has already opened up exciting new avenues with his extensive knowledge, and direct understanding, of how dry ice blasting can and should be implemented into this field of expertise, as an obvious best practice solution.

This will make Optimum the first and, currently, only dry ice blasting company in the UK to offer a rope access service with hard to access, confined space blasting being our obvious target sector.

We have also spent time in training with Belzona products to gain a better understanding of 2-part epoxy coatings when looking to apply barriers for high builds, ceramic urethane cladding, chemical abrasion and high temp immersion grade coatings.

Certainly exciting times ahead and expanding into these operations again makes Optimum one of the most reactive and forward facing Dry Ice Blasting companies in the UK.


By Ian Reynolds