Dry Ice Blasting Restoration Work

Dry Ice Blasting Restoration Work

Optimum Dry Ice Blasting now have a crew dedicated solely to Restoration Services.

Firstly, Happy New Year to all of our customers and staff.

2013 has been an extremely prosperous year for Optimum and it looks like growth for 2014 is continuing at a similar pace!

This brings me nicely onto the banner headline. Our largest growth in ‘new sector’ customers has now swung firmly into the ‘restoration services’ sector of our blast cleaning operations.

This sector has a very broad range of opportunities for us and we have seen a surge of 15 new leads every week with a conversion of around 40%. On average that’s 6 new customers, in the restoration sector, per week for the final quarter of 2013!

I would like to thank the blast crews for the expertise and input when dealing with delicate and sensitive surface removal projects we have encountered recently.

Just some of the surfaces we can gently blast clean are:

  • Historic Cotswold Stone
  • Historic York Stone
  • Historic Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Italian Stone (travertine, Carrara, Marble)
  • Delicate exterior cleaning of cornices, plinths, ashlar blocks and Quoins (to name just a few)
  • Mosaic and Victorian Tiles
  • Pre Cast Stone
  • Granite

The major advantage dry ice blasting holds in this sector is that we lift the contaminant away rather than grind it away like other forms of blast cleaning. This is a more gentle process and leaves the substrate damage free.

Dry Ice Blasting also has many advantages over chemical cleaning. Chemicals used to clean stonework are harsh by the very nature of their requirements.  The results are often good, but there can be long term effects on porous stone. Chemical cleaning is also a very time consuming process.

So, another expansion into an extremely interesting sector of dry ice blasting. The safe option to clean your stonework.


By Ian Reynolds