Dry Ice Blasting To The Rescue

Dry Ice Blasting To The Rescue

Dry ice blasting is used to help a customer out of a difficult situation.

Dry Ice Blasting To The Rescue


A customer approached us recently with a major problem. A valve in a liquid plastic transfer pipe had failed and the plastic had escaped and hardened around sensitive machinery. The hydraulic pistons and electrical circuitry nearby made the job impossible to grit blast and grit would damage the underlying surface.

Removal by hand was near impossible due to the complex area where the plastic had hardened.

The company operations manager had heard of dry ice blasting through LinkedIn and so the decision was made to run a trial.

Optimum were chosen to perform the test. The process of dry ice blasting was the ideal solution. The extreme cold of the frozen CO2 pellets cracked the plastic and the force of the impact from our 210psi (14bar) compressors, dislodged the contaminant from the substrate.

The CO2 pellet then vaporises back into a gas, leaving no residue on the production equipment.

The results were so impressive the customer asked us to quote and finish the job there and then. We did so and agreed to a price. We had enough dry ice on board to complete the job all in a 3 hour slot.

Without dry ice blasting it may have taken weeks to remove!

If you have a problem that needs immediately addressing, dry ice blasting may be able to help you!


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