Dry ice Blasting to Remove Bitumen from Parquet Flooring

Dry ice Blasting to Remove Bitumen from Parquet Flooring

Optimum Dry Ice Blasting makes easy work of removing bitumen From Parquet Flooring

Bitumen Removal Using Dry Ice Blasting

Bitumen removal from parquet flooring seems to be the star of the show this month for Optimum Dry Ice Blasting. After 4 years of very little work in this field, the last month has seen an unprecedented up turn in inquiries.

I think we must have jiggled some SEO keywords somewhere, as we haven’t seen enquiries quite like it!   Bitumen Removal Parquet Flooring.jpg

Saying that, I can see why people require the service. Quite simply the results are amazing. 10 m2 of bitumen can be removed in just over an hour. The footage here demonstrates this perfectly. Compare that to sanding, chemical stripping or hand scraping, and you will begin to understand just why people are turning to dry ice blasting as the preferred choice for removal.

Another avenue that has seen a massive up turn for Optimum, over the last 4 weeks, is with the construction industry. From large developers such as Sir Robert McAlpine to small renovation companies, it seems the whole industry wants dry ice blasting for a myriad of different applications.

We have carried out work to remove paint from brick, render from door frames, bitumen removal from floors, adhesive removal from ceilings and even to blast out mortar joints ready for re-pointing.

And coming in at third place, for this last month’s work sheets, is definitely fire damage remediation. Not sure why but September must have been a very careless month for the UK population! We have completed nearly 200 m2 of fire damage in the last 6 weeks, compared to 150 m2 for the whole of the previous year!

I think we will have to rename the company ‘Fire and Ice’ from now on!

By Ian Reynolds