Dry Ice Blasting Proves Successful in Nuclear Decontamination Trials

Dry Ice Blasting Proves Successful in Nuclear Decontamination Trials

Optimum Dry Ice Blasting Have Completed All Trials in Nuclear Decommissioning and Decontamination

The trials have officially ended in our sortie into the nuclear decommissioning and decontamination worlds. It’s been an extremely successful demonstration into the advantages dry ice blasting can bring to an industry sector. You can read the previous results from our tests here.

The company we have been performing trials for, will now write up the white paper and submit it  to the industry regulators, with some strong recommendations for pushing dry ice blasting as best practice for a large swathe of POCO (Post op Clean Up) operations.

Great news for the UK Dry Ice Blasting sector as a whole. There is a massive amount of work out there and, if carried out professionally, could open up many other sectors for this leading edge technology.

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Optimum aren’t the first company to trial in the nuclear decommissioning sector (a large decontamination company already use the process as part of their operations). What we have done, is taken our years of experience in industrial cleaning solutions, and merge them with our dry ice blasting operation. This knowledge in factory clean downs has impressed the client and persuaded the client that dry ice blasting can be successfully utilised, as long as a ‘plan B’ is correctly implemented into the procedure.

All in all I hope we have raised the profile of dry ice blasting for decontamination in nuclear sites and, with our procedure not needing a secondary waste clean-up, we have saved the tax payer thousands of pounds in the long run!


By Ian Reynolds