Dry Ice Blasting Plays An Important Role In Car Manufacturing

Dry Ice Blasting Plays An Important Role In Car Manufacturing

Dry Ice Blasting reduces downtime for industrial cleaning in the car manufacturing industry.

Summer is approaching fast and things are moving quickly for Optimum.

Summer is traditionally a busy time for Optimum with lots of industry on staggered shut down for maintenance, inspection and cleaning operations.


Traditionally, our main key focus is with the automotive industry during this period. Car factories shut down and machinery needs cleaning. This is where dry ice blasting really comes into its own.

During a shutdown, time is of the essence and meticulous planning is implemented in order to get works done in the timeframe required.

Every contractor has an important role to play in getting machinery fixed, cleaned and ready for the start of production.


Car manufacturers are rapidly turning to dry ice blasting in order to speed up this tight turnaround schedule. On a recent blast in a HOL (head of line) machine the operations manager stated that before they used dry ice blasting, traditional cleaning would take a full week. This included disassemble and re-assemble of the machines which made them prone to breakdowns.


Optimum Dry Ice Blasting now clean the same HOL in 2 days and whilst the machine parts are all in situ. No dismantling or re-assembly required.


And it’s not just the time saving that is massive. The labour costs involved in the traditional method were extortionate. Once dismantled the parts would be moved to all parts of the UK for specialist cleaning by a myriad of companies. All this would then have to be bought back together and managed in order to re-assemble in time for production starting.

 Decontamination 5.jpg

As you can imagine, having one company take care of the whole process from start to finish, is worth its weight in gold. This summer will see us involved in our fifth HOL turnaround for one of the UK’s largest car makers.


We must be doing something right!


By Ian Reynolds.