Dry Ice Blasting for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dry Ice Blasting for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The dry Ice Blasting process is recognised as best practice for deep cleaning machinery in the pharmaceutical production industry

Firstly, Happy New Year to all of my customers, staff and blog readers. 2014 was certainly a busy one for Optimum and things are already shaping up well for 2015.

The Christmas holidays are a busy period for dry ice blasting companies everywhere. It’s a period when a huge amount of factories schedule in planned maintenance and this year has been no different.

Our attentions, as mentioned in a previous blog (read here), have been based around food production companies with a couple of manufacturing companies chucked in for good measure.

This year, we had a massive surge in Pharmaceutical manufacturers requiring dry ice blasting. So much so that we had to hire an extra blast unit to keep up with demand.

The main advantage of dry ice blasting over steam and other water based processes is that dry ice blasting is a completely dry process. Micro-organisms and bacteria will soon re grow after water based cleaning has taken place. The extreme temperatures and dry process of cryogenic cleaning means that we eliminate this health risk.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are rapidly becoming aware of the benefits of dry ice blasting and a major production company has recently included dry ice blasting as part of a weekly scheduled clean down at all of their production facilities. This started during the Christmas shut down with an indefinite period set up within the cleaning schedule.

This is good news for, not only Optimum Dry Ice Blasting, but for the industry as a whole.

I would like to, again, thank all of my wonderful staff for their hard work, enterprise and commitment to Optimum over the holiday period.


By Ian Reynolds