Dry Ice Blasting Noise Issues Resolved

Dry Ice Blasting Noise Issues Resolved

Dry ice blasting has always faced noise issues – until now!

A massive problem every dry ice blasting company faces is how to deal with excessive noise. The process of forcing 14 bar of compressed air into a 5mm nozzle can create a decibel rating of over 120!

This is extremely loud and has limited Optimums operations to factory shutdowns, through the night work and weekends. This can cause a logistical nightmare as everyone wants the service at the same time. It is impossible to keep machinery idle and staff on the payroll just, for instance, the manic Christmas shutdown period!

We now believe we have the problem solved. By purchasing bespoke containment systems and fitting acoustic barriers, Optimum can now reduce the decibel level of our operations by up to 30db.


 Containment 2.jpg                                     


Mobile acoustic screening has been available for years (we have previously used what the market has to offer) and comes mainly in the form of one sized ‘pop-up’ gazebos. These aren’t effective when screening around complex machinery and the single size aspect is limiting.

Optimum’s system, however, can be built to any shape, height, width and length. It can be built uphill, around corners and over barriers and pipes. We have used the system in some very awkward environments.

We have also developed in-out air venting systems to move air and so negate the risk of Co2 build up.

Recently we built a 4m x 5m acoustic containment around an extruder we were working on. We managed to blast the machine during peak daytime work hours with the decibel level reading at 88db at 2m distance from the workface. At 4m away the drop off was down to 78db- normal factory noise levels!

Already new avenues have opened up and we have resurrected some old ones too!

Optimum re-approached 3 companies who, after trials, liked our process but didn’t like the noise factor. We have re-trialled with our acoustic containment in place and all 3 have signed up to our service.

Exciting times ahead.


By Ian Reynolds