Dry Ice Blasting Industry Growing and Growing

Dry Ice Blasting Industry Growing and Growing

Optimum Dry Ice Blasting seeing more signs of growth

The Growth Of Dry Ice Blasting


It’s a well-known fact that dry ice blasting has been slow on the up take in the UK.

I, personally, was aware of the technology way back in 2001. I trialled a cold jet machine and was very impressed in the results we achieved.  However, the rest of the UK was rather sceptical.

After doing a little market research I decided that the ROI would be years. Industry had never heard of the process and really didn’t want to trust it.

Roll on 10 years and we now have a very different perspective. UK industry has finally woken up to the advantages of Dry Ice Blasting. The old guard are retiring and the new breed are open for change.

As UK manufacturing hits a high peak, machinery cleaning downtime becomes all important. Reduce downtime, increase production. It’s a simple economy.

The US and Europe have long since realised the benefits of reduced downtime. Here in the UK we have always looked at bottom line comparison costs. Traditional cleaning = £500 Dry Ice Cleaning = £1000. It seems like a no brainer until you start to look at lost revenue/production. Traditional cleaning = 2 days @ £10k per day lost production, Dry Ice Cleaning = 5 hours @ £4.5k lost production.

I know this is a raw example of a complex cost analysis, but in theory this is what reducing downtime equates too and the UK is finally opening its eyes to the benefits.

If you have been reading my blogs over the last year or so, I think you may be able to gauge the growth that Optimum have experienced. This trend is continuing to move upwards with some exciting, long term, prospects in the pipeline.

And while we are successful we keep on employing. SME’s have always been a vital part of any economy growth. I can truly see why now.


By Ian Reynolds