Dry Ice Blasting Food Processing Conveyor

Optimum Dry Ice Blasting are leading the way in deep cleaning for the food industry

Twice a year, Optimum Dry Ice Blasting are tasked with blast cleaning conveyor chains for a well-known food production company.

The word chains does not accurately describe the process part however. I would describe it, more accurately, as miles of heavy lumps of steel wheels with heavy attached interconnects! So heavy in fact that each section has to be broken down into 1.5-ton segments in order to safely dismantle it. All 3 miles of it!

We then have the logistical nightmare of hoisting each segment from its pallet and hanging it vertically whilst we dry ice blast clean, and then re-coiling it ready for re shipping.

No easy feat by any stretch of the imagination. The main reason this work is undertaken at our Birmingham facility is the contamination on the conveyor chain is impossible to control at the clients food production factory.

The risk of cross contamination at the client’s site was classified as too high a risk by the FSA, so we were tasked with coming up with a solution. 

We’ve invested heavily on a bespoke, sound proofed blast facility, designed specifically to undertake this kind of work. With the amount of mess we create, it’s easy to see why it has to be cleaned off site!

The conveyor chain has now been re-greased and re-installed, all within time and on budget, without creating an impact on production loss.

Optimum Dry Ice Blasting are, again, leading the way in solutions for deep cleaning in the food industry, whether at your site or ours!

Watch the video of the process here….. ‘ dry ice blasting conveyor chain

By Ian Reynolds