Dry Ice Blasting – Electrical Panels

Dry Ice Blasting – Electrical Panels

Dry Ice Blasting for Electrical Panels

Why Use Dry Ice Blasting for Electrical Panels?

1. Non-conductive: One of the primary reasons dry ice blasting is suitable for electrical panels is its non-conductive nature. This ensures that the equipment remains safe and functional during and after the cleaning process.

2. No moisture: Dry ice sublimates, leaving no residue. This means there’s no risk of moisture-related damage, making it perfect for electrical equipment.

3. Environmentally friendly: The process doesn’t produce secondary waste or require harmful chemicals, making it an eco-friendly alternative.

4. Precision cleaning: Dry ice blasting can access tight spaces and crevices, ensuring a comprehensive clean.

5. Decreased downtime: As equipment doesn’t need to be disassembled or dried after cleaning, operations can resume quickly.

How to Perform Dry Ice Blasting on Electrical Panels:

1. Safety first: Ensure all safety protocols are in place. Operators should wear protective gear, including gloves, goggles, and ear protection.

2. Power off (if necessary): While dry ice blasting can be done without turning off equipment due to its non-conductive nature, it’s often wise to power down for added safety.

3. Choose the right pellet size: Depending on the contamination level and panel intricacy, choose an appropriate dry ice pellet size.

4. Blasting: Propel the dry ice pellets onto the panel’s surface using the blasting equipment. Adjust the air pressure according to the contamination level.

5. Inspect and test: Once the cleaning process is complete, inspect the electrical panel for any missed spots and test to ensure it’s functioning correctly.


Dry ice blasting is an advanced cleaning method that promises efficiency, safety, and environmental benefits when used on electrical panels. By leveraging this technique, maintenance teams can ensure electrical panels function at their peak, promoting longevity and optimal performance.

The main benefits arise when it come to servicing complex electrical cabinets. Usually identification tags can become covered in dust , making them impossible to read. Cleaning these by hand is a long, arduous process. Dry ice blasting quickly removes all contaminants from the cable tags, allowing service electricians to clearly read the information needed.

For more information, check out our video page by clicking this link.

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