Dry Ice Blasting, Covid-19 and the Food Industry

Dry Ice Blasting, Covid-19 and the Food Industry

Dry Ice Blasting is at the forefront in reducing downtime in the food industry

Dry Ice Blasting During Covid 19 Lockdown

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Dry ice blasting has a long history within the food processing industry. For Optimum Dry Ice Blasting, our very first customer was in this massive sector, and proud to say, we still provide a service for the very same client to this day!

Although not scientifically proven, the very nature of dry ice being at -80c means that not a lot of bacteria, if any, can survive these extreme temperatures. The food industry recognises this, and so use dry ice blasting extensively.

The sector, as a frontline industry, has certainly seen an upsurge in demand during the ‘panic buying’ days of this lockdown!

The knock-on effect meant that many production lines were not able to shut down for their scheduled maintenance, and so traditional cleaning programmes overrun time frames by weeks.

Once demand slowed the contaminate build up inside machinery was, in some cases, 6 times the normal amount, meaning that traditional cleaning was by now impossible. If deep cleaning cant be carried out to a reasonable level, there is a very real chance of bacteria build up and a costly production shut down.

This is where dry ice blasting becomes a frontrunner in speedy decontamination solutions.

Our process can be up to 80% faster than traditional cleaning methods. This in turn reduces downtime and allows machinery to be back online and producing vital food stocks, quickly and efficiently.

Optimum Dry Ice Blasting have carried out vital services right across the food industry during these testing times. Our cross-contamination control procedures (CCCP) have meant we were already well versed when it comes to site/COVID-19 safety. Added to this every crew are trained in erecting Personnel Containment Units (PCU) to fully control our process.


I would like to say thank you to all my wonderful staff for their professionalism, dedication and ‘can do’ attitude in these strange times.


Ian Reynolds.


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