Dry Ice Blasting Breaks into Nuclear Decommissioning

Dry Ice Blasting Breaks into Nuclear Decommissioning

More steady growth for Optimum Dry Ice Blasting

The summer months have seen an extended busy period for Optimum Dry Ice Blasting’s’ operations across the UK.

In some of our recent blogs I have spoken about our breakthrough into the Nuclear Decontamination sector (read them here), citing some very successful trials for Optimum and the dry ice blasting industry in general.

The potential for growth within the industry alone is massive. With decommissioning now happening at 9 sites including Sellafield, Berkeley, Winfrith and Harewell and a spend running into the £10’s of billions, these are exciting times for the industry.



Coupled with the recent news that Tesco and M&S have added dry ice blasting as part of their audit when monitoring supplier’s factory clean down procedures (with the other major supermarket chains expected to follow suit), the future certainly looks positive. In fact we have seen a 62% growth in the food processing sector alone, with some very large projects in the pipeline.

We have just taken on 2 new apprentices, having one eye on future expansion. It is better to prepare now and be forward facing, than having to turn potential contracts down due to staffing issues.

All in all we are seeing steady growth in the first half of this financial year with repeat business increasing from 28% to 30% and new customers increasing by a further 9% on last years figures.

The full half term report will be available soon.

Again, thanks to the team for their hard work throughout the summer.

By Ian Reynolds