Continued Sales Growth for Optimum

Continued Sales Growth for Optimum

The end of year report is now with us and it has been another year of growth for Optimum

Our end of year figures are now with us and it has been another successful year of trading for Optimum Dry Ice Blasting.

Growth for the group (Reynolds RCS LLP) as a whole was increased by 23% with the rapid expansion in dry ice blasting operations equating for three quarters of this.

Repeat business, one of the most important areas of growth, increased by a further 28% on figures released in August 2013. This a great sign that customers will come back for our services and trust us to get it right, on time and on budget.

New customers also increased by 37%, a 7% increase from the last financial year. Investment in new blasting machinery and new operatives have helped us expand even further, especially in the second half of the year.

Profits for the year were up by 7% on last year, and with a heavy investment in capital assets (machinery, compressors, vehicles) this is an excellent success. The dividends in asset expansion is already being felt and will have a major impact on profit for next year.

Our major expenditure for non-capital assets was again wages, followed by materials. Wages are up by 14% on last year but we have welcomed Frank and Matt into the company as our new blasting crew. Frank has vast experience in industrial cleaning processes and has already proved to be a vital asset to Optimum. The promotion of Fiona Girling to company QS is also a factor. Material usage has increased by 23% due to the expansion of capital asset and meant we blasted over 20 tons of dry ice media last year.

Some major breakthroughs last year came with gaining supply services to major blue chip companies. Some of the larger names we provided with blast cleaning solutions are:  JLR, GE, Conoco Phillips, DS Smith and Mars Food. Within these contracts our crews gained even more experience when working under strict time constraints and in very testing environments.

I would like to thank everyone who has made last year such a great success for Optimum and I am looking forward to working with you all for future years.


Ian Reynolds (Managing Director)