How Dry Ice Blasting Works

Basicall we fire ‘rice grain’ sized pellets, at extremely high speeds, to smash and then dislodge stubborn products from surfaces!

Obviously there is a lot more science behind the process but, essentially, we are blasting contaminants away from a surface by using 1) agression and 2) sheer cold.

It is better seen in the myriad of videos we have posted on YouTube, which you can see by clicking here.


How it works

  • Stage 1: 3mm dry ice pellets are propelled onto the contaminated surface via a compressor and a dry ice blast unit and then onto the nozzle or blast gun.
  • Stage 2: This causes the contaminated layers to rapidly freeze, contract and weaken…..
  • Stage 3: …forcing them to break free from the substrate surface. The dry ice then sublimates and turns back into a gas.
  • Stage 4:  The substrate  is left completely free of any contaminate and is undamaged by the non-abrasive action of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning. The contaminate simply falls to the ground ready to be swept away.
Dry Ice Blasting - How does it work?